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okay. so brookside played Adm's Barntopia last night. Results for Influences opened for them. you should give Results a listen. check 'em out on purevolume.com. okay, so in short, i'm fucking blown away. brookside had the entire barn jumping (except for the kids who were sitting down and are losers who just came to be cool, you know, the popular kids, but that's another story, and i don't want to trash on anybody. oh wait too late already did. wonder how long i can keep typing in this thing. well that was fun.) got some pins. but they'd sold out all the shirts in M or L. oh well. there's always january. so brookside played a whole bunch of new songs, and some i knew. and school is cool with brookside, except for the drummer. let's all boo him! wait, dialogue from a show that people in brookside said isn't funny to you. well. the show rocked hard. check out RFI. can't wait for the january concert. well, i can if i can keep distracted by other things. or if i just forget until say november. sounds like a plan. brookside puts on an awesome live show. that's all. PLUR

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